Grounding Wellness Set

Grounding Wellness Set

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This is a one of a kind gift set, hand curated by Tribe featuring our favorite wellness products from our store!

This "Grounding" gift set will be sure to center you during the long winter months, light some palo santo and place it in the ceramic smudge bowl, while you light the Tribe signature candle. Featuring two of our favorite wellness makers, MJH Ayurvedic Body Oils and Earthen Abundance Elixirs.MJH Ayurvedic body oils take self care to another level, encouraging you to apply these oils with intention and love for your body. Earthen Abundance Elixirs are made with one hundred percent organic herbs, vinegars and honey harvested and bottled at the source. These elixirs are wonderful additions to any routine, as some of the ingredients include, elderflower, calendula, and chamomile.

This set includes:

-VATA body oil by MJH Ayurvedic Body Oils-   Grounding/warming/nourishing- great for cold months and climates or whenever you're feeling scattered, stressed out and depleted.

-Fir Tip Oxymel- honey and vinegar infusions filled with immune boosting herbs specifically designed to increase energy, aid in colds and is a wonderful source of vitamins

Earthen Abundance Muscle Salve- for pains, strains,circulation,inflammation, bruising and relaxation.

-Tribe handmade Aromatherapy candle-

-Two handmade mugs by Michele Walters Ceramics

-one smudge bowl for palo santo or sage by Summer Frances Ceramics